The Restless Brain


Many things in mind at the moment. As usual, dealing with some kind of complaint here or there due to 21st century good western outsourced customer service.

As always, several ideas in my mind. The new one? Patenting a product that I think could revolution (a bit) our everyday lives and improve (a bit) this world.

Never in my live I thought of coming up with a new product and try to patent, develop it and potentially sell it on the open market. Somehow, this seems the right thing to pursue at the moment.

I haven’t done physics in almost 20 years, but the new self-set challenge sounds really good, and I just became aware of the spider web that patent law is. Let along the cost of patenting anything (specialist solicitors plus the patent registration itself), finding something that has not been claimed yet as invented is almost impossible, but hey! the detail you find through the European Patent Office website by using the esp@cenet portal allows to browse, and dream.

I came across with “what” is considered an invention that can get its patent granted. The invention has to:

– be new,

– involve an inventive step, and

– be susceptible of industrial application.

To the best of my knowledge, my invention is new, as in it does not exist in the market; involves an inventive step? Well, yeah, well I think so, or wish to think so. But how do I know without paying ₤2,000 to try to register and patent plus solicitors fees just to discover that the invention already exists? Working on it.

As for the third point, let’s be realistic, I wouldn’t even bother work on it unless I thought there was some kind of industrial and commercial application.

Plus, I could do my bit to improve this world we are living in!!



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