There is still room for improvement if you want to take your financial life by the horns

Hobbes, you surely remember Daniel, a civil servant at White Hall I spend some time talking about life and the like. After much talk about financial independence and a future with no pensions, my talk got him into buying his own 1-bed flat 1h from central London but, hey! It’s all about putting the foot in!

I guess my obsession on the personal finance field has some influence on the people around me who don’t think that:

a) I am dead boring (like my girlfriend)

b) I talk rubbish (most of human beings)

c) I am a smart ass and should be hanged by that (evolved b-type individuals)

But Daniel, who’s really into property show going, popped down the Your Money Matters show down at Excel and came back telling me that I was wasting my time, that I should be wearing a suit and doing motivational talk. The seminars he attended were a copy of my boring talk.

Well, it will not happen, I already told him, my suit-tie combo is at the back of the wardrobe waiting for the next funeral (but not looking forward to it).

Funny enough, and after much criticising the lack of financial literacy of the average grown up (how about some of that at school, MPs of the world? But that is a subject for another day), he took on a Basic Economics adult course and he is apparently loving it.

He came up today with some homework for the course he wanted to hear my opinion on:

“Do you think that Britain should join the euro club? Why?”

“No” was my direct answer. And then I developed a patchy argument based on Euribor/Libor differences and what would happen if all of a sudden the Bank of England’s 5.25% would become the ECB’s 4%. Obviously, that’s not enough, and while he was complaining about how expensive France looked like this past weekend, I argued how much cheaper UK exports to the continent looked.

And that’s from an euro-currency national!

It is an slow pace, but the more we can convince or convert, the safer we will all be in the future.



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