A personal and literal Quantum Leap


I forgot telling you at the time, but a conversation I had this weekend made it back into my mind. Quantum physics.

I remember first reading about the subject in A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, but it’s now been years since I started using “quantum mechanics” as a means of describing something impossibly intelligible (at least for me).

Until last January. It was then when on a Sunday night, hidden after midnight, I watched the fascinating first episode of Professor Al-Khalili’s documentary “Atom“.

I am not the most knowledgeable person ever, but Professor Al-Khalili brought up the best of me: For the first time in years I stood there, absorbed by his explanations and utterly unable to understand a single word he was trying to communicate. It was like the revelation I was waiting to happen. There is so much I don’t know an iota about.

Feasting on business and finance newspapers, magazines, podcasts, newsletters and TV programs has made me a generalist in a specific subject (if that is possible).

Over the weekend, at a surprise birthday party for one of my best friends, I ended up talking about quantum computing and string theory with another friend of mine, voluntary expat as well, computer engineer working on steganography (you are excused, I didn’t have a clue either, at first I thought he said scenography!)… just in time for my girlfriend to eavesdrop and get amusingly/worryingly shocked at what we were talking about.

A new horizon has opened before my eyes. Yesterday I found someone from Imperial College London able and surprisingly pleased to give me a “quantum computing for dummies in a nutshell” talk.

I think I have found “IT”, Hobbes.



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