The first LwH Prize goes to… Mark Zuckerberg

Mark ZuckerbergI wonder if you know Mark Zuckerberg. Who is this young man? Mark, for all of us to know, is the youngest person ever to rank on Forbes The World’s Billionaires. He might ‘only’ be number 785, and ‘only’ have an estimated net worth of $1.5bn.

But $1.5bn is a modest estimate, since it is based on a 30% stake on his own creature, Facebook. If we extrapolate the $246m investment Microsoft made last October for a tiny 1.6% of the company, the popular social networking web site Mark founded (being still its CEO) would be worth $15bn. Hence, girls, we have got a single billionaire potentially worth a whooping $4.5bn. We don’t know it for sure, but probably he is more interested in video games and finally being able to legally have a beer than listening to wedding bells.

Other young billionaires (not including Pharrell Williams, still a long way to go) include:

Albert von Thurn und Taxis (24)

He has been on the list for years now. Albert is the prince of the House of Thurn and Taxis, a German family whose fortune draws from their position as general postmasters of the Holy Roman Empire (I kid you not). His princedom is one of the oldest inherited titles (and money) in the world. Talk about old money! This is ancient money!

The youngest of the Hariri family (sons, daughter, brothers, the cleaning lady and Sparky, the neighbour’s greyhound)

No, seriously, Hind (24), Aymin (29) and Fahd Hariri (27) are the children and youngest brother of murdered Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Quite wealthy himself, like Benazir Butho -also killed last December-, Prime Minister Hariri left a legacy of a well-off individual who cared enough about his country to die for it. Let’s hope they honour his memory.

Yang Huiyan (26)

Yang who? Talk about Economic Outpatient Care. She’s the second child of Yang Guoqiang, one of the largest property developers in Guangdong Province, China. ‘So?’, you will say, ‘Bill Gates’ children don’t even appear on the list’. Well, daddy Yang just gave her a 58% stake in one of his companies… worth just $7.4bn. I wonder what the older kid thinks.

For all that, I give Mark Zuckerberg the first LwH Prize (I thought of calling it the FTWDPWILWH prize -For Those Who Do Pretty Well In Life Without Hobbes- but it wasn’t that catchy).

Not only he deserves it because he made it to the Forbes list by his own at light speed, he didn’t even need Hobbes help for that! Other younger billionaires where there before, but all their net worth was inherited.

At 23, Mark deserves all of our respect. Hobbes feels forgotten, happy for Mark, but forgotten. Congratulations Mark!



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