What do you prefer? Employee or overpaid executive?

Hobbes, I have been thinking about the executive pay issue and after much inner talk, let me ask you something:

If presented with the two following salary packages, which one would you go for?

  1. Workload: 100-120h per week. Salary: None. Relocation needed: Yes, 4-5h flight from you home town with worldwide travel involved 3 weeks per month. Yearly leave: None. Redundancy procedure: Automatic. Bonus: If share price target met, $2 million per year in stock options; an extra 200k for every 5% above share price target. Perks: Corporate jet, corporate villa in the South of France, driver, top country club membership, 200sqm ocean view office with jacuzzi and beautiful male/female (depending on taste) ex-model polyglot secretary. Severance pay: £/$/€100m (50% cash, 50% stock). Nationwide number of potential vacancies: 3. Yearly family expenses: £/$/€6m
  2. Workload: 36-40h per week. Salary: £/$/€50,000. Relocation needed: No. Yearly leave: 20 days plus 6 bank holidays. Redundancy procedure: 3 formal oral warnings then 3 formal written warnings, if in the same year, you are made redundant. Bonus: Up to 30% of salary based on personal performance and targets reached. Perks: Private health insurance, yearly travel. Severance pay: 5 days of pay for each year with the company; if major lay-offs, 20 days pay for year. Nationwide number of potential vacancies: 35,000. Yearly family expenses: £/$/€60,000

I bet the majority of us would go for option 1. After all, there are very few Alfa-type people in the world. But when the rest complain, we are louder. Let’s be honest and accept that some people deserve it.

I look forward to your commentaries, Hobbes.

Until tomorrow,



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