Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy

I am so glad I was watching Scrubs today. The last few days have come really difficult and it doesn’t look like it is going to get any better over the Easter weekend, on the contrary, most likely the shit will hit the fan and we will be in massive panic mode.

‘Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy’. Sometimes we forget that life is not that easy. Sometimes we forget that what we give for a fact, it is actually joy of the moment. In reality, most of us (me included) are scared of taking responsibility for our actions. What if it was wrong? No pain, no gain, and losing focus takes you nowhere. Beware of cosy places and comfortable situations since if routine doesn’t kill you, it will make you fall into the delusion that what you have is really worth. But is it?

Most people fail because they don’t make any choice at all. They get up in the morning, do the things they know the boss wants them to do and then they go home. Let’s set ourselves goals. Short term, medium and long term goals. Always keeping in mind that a goal without time limit is no goal, and a goal that comes easy is not either a goal since it was at hand all along.

That is not saying that taking risks without planning is the answer but, as usual, due diligence and perseverance will take us there. Whatever ‘there’ means to every one of us.

Let’s look back and keep the good work.



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