On robot bill of rights and bullying unanimated things

Hobbes, I don’t know were you are but hopefully we will be able to get you back soon. Reading one of the last posts on Futurist.com I found this video extremely interesting:

What an impressive work by Boston Dynamics. Seriously, I never thought I’d live to see anything like that. Specially when BigDog slips on ice, so un-robot like, isn’t it? Out of the fun, amazement, and interest and against my will, I must confess that the US knows how to put “your [defense] money at work“.

But the reason I wanted to start this thread is because of what happens in sec 40′. The guy kick-pushes the robot and I feel it as wrong, but the slow-motion hurts my heart and brain. That must be, will have to be punishable! It felt so wrong that my brain rushed to think of a world populated by people and robots where some (people or robots) get physical abuse.

Does being a machine make it ‘right’ to beat it up? When it slips on the ice you can see that a lot of money and time has been put into perfecting its sensors. Do sensors lead to ‘feeling’?

I am more of science than a sci-fi fan, but robots and robotics (T2, T3, I, Robot, et al) always seem to be portrayed as unanimated things, not beings. John Connor might cry when T2 gets roasted, and Dr Calvin (hey!) may let Sonny live, but I never felt in my own skin (and heart) what I felt seeing the scientist-hoodie kicking BigDog.

Shocking. Are robots going to have a bill of rights? Do they need human protection?



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