On powerful clients becoming powerful enemies. Deborah Jeane Palfrey, RIP

Mainstream media reports today that Deborah Jeane Palfrey, aka DC Madame, to avoid going to jail, hung herself today “outside her mother’s mobile home” in Florida.

Humble origins. Veni, vidi, vinci. A long way from trailer park to Washington DC. Reach for the stars but beware of the powerful ones. She didn’t get all her act together and you don’t mess with the rich and powerful, but for a while, got the star.

At her trial last month she insisted that her business, Pamela Martin & Associates was a “legal, high-end erotic fantasy service” that sent college-educated young women to engage in “quasi-sexual” game-playing at $250 (£125) an hour. The Sun reported that the Emperor’s Club came to light that it could get up to $1,500 (£750) an hour.

It was the second suicide related to the case as one of Palfrey’s call girls, Brandy Britton, killed herself in January.

She feared for her own life and openly said so. Now she is dead and I bet the investigation into her “black book” of clients will fade away. I am no one to discuss the rights or wrongs of prostitution. I may or may not disagree with its legality, but that is not the point.

Rest in peace, Deborah, and wherever you are, please salute scientist Dr David Kelly who also killed himself when the wolves surrounded him… now they make millions still working for “respectable” governments and investment banks. We never met you, but we will remember you on the LwH hall of fame.



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