On air miles working against frequent flyers

Apparently, in case of overbooking or flight cancellations, and completely opposite to what common sense might suggest, frequent flyers are left behind instead of the odd leisure flyer.

So you think that because you are loyal to XYZ Airways for your business and leisure flights they will be loyal to you? You feel special because you flew first class on your last holiday (with the air miles earned through business flights paid by your employer, by the way, do air miles qualify as pay in kind? Are they taxed?) All that glitters is not gold.

As the very name says, It seems that frequent flyers are more likely to stick with the same airline and therefore less likely to make a scene at the check-in desk and stop flying with the carrier XYZ.

Accumulating miles is the way to free flights, upgrades and other perks, but that is what plays against you in this case. Since you are less likely to move to the competition for fear of losing your miles, you are dropped to the bottom of the waiting list.

How about that for a dose of realism and 21st century customer service and efficient use of data mining?



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