On searching the holy grail of decent banking and Barclays blowing its chance (II)

Hobbes, guess what, today the thinking minds at Barclays honoured me with another £35 refund on fees charged due to their illogical system of not paying direct debits unless having money in the account at the same time, not the same day.

I am no fool, I know that the squeaking chair gets the oil, but I am tired of so much squeaking. Even worse, I wonder how many people don’t have the time to chase these cowboy bankers, and what is worth for the industry.

Adding this refund to the one the branch manager made for me a couple of days ago, that makes £70 back of my own money.

Was it worth it? I really don’t know. I put around 3h all together into moaning, writing complaint letters and making useless phone calls. That works at about £23 per hour to get my own money back, and that is without counting stamps, phone charges and the stress caused.

I guess the answer is not, it wasn’t worth it and the feeling of success and joy of getting it right is watered down by the arithmetics of the process.

But still, I don’t think I could just let it go. This one goes for the thousands of fellow customers who get ripped off and move on.



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