On shameful US 2008 Farm Bill and pet projects

Hahaha! Hobbes, it is hilarious! Did you read about the $290bn farm bill the members of the I.O.U.S.A. de facto approved last week? Not even brainless President Bush could veto it, so it will go into law anyway.

But for some of the proposals included in the bill, you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that it came straight from the commander in chief himself.

Falling rice and wheat prices sent the wrong signal to the legislators, so they inefficiently proven corn-based ethanol, sugar and cotton get the lion’s heart of the money. That one goes for the international boys.

And for the homeys? Well, how about a $126 million tax write-off for owners of Kentucky-born racehorses, a mandate for the government to sell part of the Green Mountain National Forest (Vermont) to a privately owned ski resort, and extra help for farmers in Hawaii and Alaska (wheat and banana States respectively).

And we think that the EU commission is bad… unless any self-respected accountancy firm refuses to sign the European budget off.

I guess that if Capitol’s politicians don’t get reelected, they can always join a JP Morgan-like scheme for dumb employees. 

Oh, by the way, should I remind you that they do NOT have those $290bn anyway. It is election year, baby!



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