On The Talented Mr. Damon, a pleasant surprise

Hobbes, It has been a while since I wrote my last post. Life is moving fast and my neurons are reaching boiling point.

However, I had a minute today to visit the Futurist.com new project The Futurist on Politics and I found this gem I would like to share with you:

I have seen Matt Damon a couple of times around Knightsbridge, along with Damon Sr, wife and kid, and they all look so, normal, so down to Earth, a bit a la Ewan McGregor (or at least the idea of him I made from the Long Way series). No major blockbusters, most profitable Hollywood actor based in production costs… he looked like a decent man I could hang out with, for a laugh, for a talk, for a serious conversation. But who knew?

After his comments on potentially republican Vice President Palin, I have discovered that not only he’s got the down to earth attitude, he also keeps some grey matter between his ears. OK, 1:40” doesn’t mean much, but at least he’s not flying around creating his own personal United Colors of Benetton.



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