On annoying banking practices, HSBC pointless phone calls


In the last 3 days I have received 4 calls to my mobile from the number 08007838422. Vodafone charges me every time I call back, but when I do an answer machine tells me the following:

You were called by HSBC bank. No further action is required from yourself and there is no need to return the call.

And it hangs up. Nice professional piece of work.

If it is truly from HSBC, it is not only an expensive (for me at least) and pointless thing to do.

Using the useful WhoCallsMe? I realised that I wasn’t the only one suffering this kind of phone harassment from HSBC. Many other people put their complaints up, and at least I wasn’t bombarded like others!

Still, why do they ring me in the first place if all they say is that no further action is needed? And if it is not needed, why do they ring 4 times in 3 days?

Some banks should revisit their manners and since HSBC doesn’t seem to be involved in the credit crunch mess (at least after their early warnings last year), it should be a good idea to focus on proper customer service, now that everyone else is busy trying to stay afloat.

But who am I to make recommendations to a bank? Perhaps that is why they were contacting me, but at the last minute, they are always shy to ask an anonymous member of the public for advice, and they hang up. Thank you HSBC.



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