On power and sex, who’s going to be next?

Hobbes, we don’t have to go back much. We don’t even have to think of a different organism these days!

Sex, money, power, politics… in the end same dog, different collar.  It is not that I hang out with politicians, sheiks, wealthy businessmen and rich City bankers, but the few I have been in touch with, show a pattern of sex, sex and sex. I guess it comes with the package.

I think it was Emerson Fittipaldi who said that if everything is in control, you don’t go fast enough. These successful men (and I guess women and homosexuals, but since they are not that statistically significant at the top, we will assume that they behave, like they seem to be better drivers), drunk in their own particular career success, invariably take the faux-pas of taking liberties with their subordinates, co-workers or other people on their sight.

GE’s Jack Welch’s affair with a journalist comes to mind but in the end, they married, so I guess it doesn’t count. But the spheres of power carry a sex-appeal difficult to avoid for the average Joe (or calvin, for that matter!). Remember governor Eliot Spitzer’s prostitute ring joy? it cost Deborah J. Palfrey her life, but at least Mr Spitzer and wife have entered couples therapy. Good for them.

But if anything, when I grow up, have a successful career and grey hair, I want to become Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or the World Bank. Oh God! THAT is the place to be!

It took Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF’s current MD, under one year to follow Paul Wolfowitz’s steps at the World Bank. Man! the old man is good.
Mr Strauss-Kahn apologised but we all know by now that… it comes with the position! In any case and using the topic, he’s French, so the rest of manhood already wished him “good luck” with a cheeky smile when he took the position.

But the latest to come to the spotlight is the president of France. Not having enough with a divorce after taking over office and marrying an Italian singer/model, El Pais ecoes an article from the Swiss newspaper Le Matin (to be honest, I haven’t been able to find it) where the German chancellor reportedly complained to the German Embassy in Paris about Mr Sarkozy’s uncomfortable friendliness (and pawing).

Sarkozy will solve our financial mess, just send him to Washington!



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