On doing yourself an expensive favour, avoid the new BlackBerry Bold (II)

Hobbes, I know I know, last month I commented on the (lack of) virtues of the then brand new BlackBerry 9000 Bold.

But here I am again. Since Sunday night I have been trying to make it work and once I went through the problematic transfer of data (make sure you backup the information on your old device, twice) and ended up transferring one by one every database it allowed me to, I promptly deactivated the 3G network to avoid haemorrhaging battery.

Let’s be fair, the keyboard is a bliss and the screen resolution has been brought to the 21st century.
It is heavier, than the 83xx family, but is worth if all you do is read/send messages and browse the internet. “Where else could you do?” you may ask, well, many things I suppose, but the moment you get your hands (or thumbs) to the task, you realise that the operative system is slow and Windows-like in that it crashes. Yes, it does. No improvement there from the two handsets I had tried before, but once one grows with Microsoft’s software… it is just more of the same 80% reliable systems.

So yeah, I think I am going to keep it, although it is just a pity they couldn’t figure out how to make it work on a 3G network for a whole day. I guess that we will still have to wait for a while for a reliable 3G BB with reasonable battery life… All I know is that they are coming up with the new BlackBerry 8900 Javelin with no 3G option.

Oh well, I guess that is the price geeks pay. Unfinished and beta products that should never reach the market.



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