On doing yourself an expensive favour, avoid the new BlackBerry Bold (III)

Hobbes, I am having second thoughts (again, 1, 2) about my by now, infamous Blackberry 9000 Bold. I don’t want to complain, because in the end is my fault for sticking to it, but browsing is really good and the keyboard a bliss for my thumbs.

But again, three things happened over the weekend that made me judge my judgement.

Disappointment #1. I spent Saturday working at the soon the open Westfield in White City, London, and I was constantly coming in and out the entrails of the beast, and the battery went down well over 60% in under 3h. I guess the cranes around and above the building site block the mobile signal, and the BB Bold keeps searching for signal to the point of running out of battery. I think I once read that unlike horses, camels, if spurred, will run until dying of exhaustion. Quite pointless for the camel, and the rider, who will have to continue by foot, or cut off if you get the analogy. Disappointing

Disappointment #2. On Sunday, fool me I thought of browsing the Internet on 3G, and forgot switching back to 2G. In two hours having lunch, the battery went down 25%. On its own. Disappointing.

Disappointment #3. And then the software reminded me of pre-Windows XP PC computing. For some strange reason, I had to take the SIM card out and reboot the handheld a few times because everything happens in slow motion, to the point that the phone “freezes”. Disappointing

I know, I know, it is only me to be blamed, I could take my custom somewhere else, but I guess I am another crackberry addict, and I cannot help it. As anybody who has been using a Blackberry for years and suddenly finds himself trying to text someone with a Nokia will tell you, going cold turkey is impossible.



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