On multiracial being the new white, advising Obama

Waaaaw! Hobbes, this has been one looong election. About 2 years we’ve had of Romneys, Pauls, Clintons (who’s scariest anyway, Palin or Hillary?), McCains and Obamas. And finally, the marketing and media machine has convinced us all that Barack Hussein was the better option.

All together it reminds me of the spanking new ’09 car model on show from September 08.

However, and thinking of Fujimori’s Peru, when he promised one thing but as soon as he set foot on power, he changed radically his mind and delivered policies that made every single of his voters cough out the breakfast, I thought of how funny would it be if he were to build his government around racial minorities.

I know, I know, his blood line never suffered the African-American struggle, well, his wife’s family (and now his offspring’s) might have a slave past, but in his case, he’s just a singular specimen for the mix of white-meets-African parents (fresh African, not politically correct African-American). I had my own racial struggle when in pre and post-9/11 I studied in California, trying to select my own ethnicity, I used to find myself in the bizarre conundrum of defining myself as Mexican-American, South American, Caucasian or Latino (being white Spaniard by birth and dead boring by choice).

So yes, I thought, Mr Obama, being a minority within a minority, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be funny if he set up his cabinnet around American ethnic minorities?

According to the US Census Bureau, the US is a boiling pot with a population 80% white, 15.1% Hispanic or Latino (I guess that is me, and any other person born or with origins from Chile to Mexico and from Portugal to Greece), 12.8% African American, 4.4% Asian, 1.6% multiracial (I guess Barack falls into this category), 1.0% Native American and Alaskan native and 0.2% Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders, which in itself it is already quite disturbing since if you add them all, they account for 115.1% (??) of the USA population. I guess the Census includes illegal immigrants (15.1%) or puzzled people like me who pick 5 different categories since they don’t understand how a statistician can mix ham with Toblerones and a pink chair.

C’mon Obama! Go ahead and pick your fellow government members out of the 1.6% multiracial bunch. It will not only be hilarious to see the faces of your “fellow Americans”, but will gain you the respect of the melting pot that Earth really is.



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