On enemies, assassins, terrorists and the manipulation of minds and words

Hobbes, see, I am a bit angry today. I just realised that Spanish flags fly at half mast in official buildings in London. And I am not upset and incensed because of meaningless drapes dancing to the winter winds, but because of what I don’t get.

Following on my Spanish series, and as the story goes, two Spanish soldiers doing army stuff in Afghanistan were killed by a suicide bomber while harming four more.

What grinds my gears is the fact that the soldiers, in international peace mission in Afghanistan, and theoretically fighting the Taliban crowd, were not “killed but enemies” but, and I quote, “assassinated by terrorists”.

As much as it saddens me the death of two fellow humans, for god’s sake, they were SOLDIERS, in a WAR ZONE, not school girls picking up daisies in the prairie!

As usual, the bizarre reality that Spaniards live, makes them specially vulnerable when the going gets tough.

Where it be Banco Santander living on denial, the Spanish public opinion thinking that pensions are guaranteed and immigrants are a problem, or armed forces convinced that being sent abroad on a peace mission is sure and quick way of paying off the mortgage back home (as a Sergeant of mine told me he was planning during the Balkans war when I was doing my mandatory service in Barcelona).

The old adage says that “a man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”, but last time I checked, Afghanistan, Irak and Lebanon where the hottest spots where Spanish forces are deployed, not playgrounds.

Following that rule, how many assassins were killed in WW1? And WW2?



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