On drivers loosing concentration or Council’s credit crunch short-term solution to empty coffers

Today on my daily commute to work (South Bucks to Central London) I have noticed a novelty to my rather dull drive.

Today, the 20-odd miles have turned into a journey of anthropological and public finances discovery. In 25 minutes I have seen 7 drivers pulled (or being pulled) over by police.

I am pretty sure that that is no coincidence. It cannot be. I spent my midday drive wondering about possible reasons for the unusually high level of speeders. Is it the credit crunch that makes every single driver pre-occupied and unaware of mobile and static speeding cameras.

Of course thinking of your chances of keeping your job after Christmas or paying the gas bill might blind you from the yellow boxes and roadside camera-equipped vans, but that doesn’t explain why, all of a sudden, there are police units pulling people over in three different councils along the M40. Safety reasons? Councils tightening their belts after the Icesaver cock-up?

My advise, be wary, very wary and drive with extra attention. They now have a new reason to get your money (I bet paying extra police units on the road is more than matched by the money the collect in fines), and they are desperate. And that’s a pretty scary reason when talking of government, big or small.



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