On life’s realities and ego highs, the wrong approach to business is the common approach to business

Hobbes, a couple of weeks ago I told you of the team they were assembling at the retail company I work part-time at. It looked like a great idea to me, retail is in crisis and getting together different people from different walks of the company seemed like to smart and right thing to do.

But guess what? Woolworths went under, then MFI, sales are being brought forward left and right, retail outlets are losing appeal because why would anyone buy last season’s items at a 40% discount if you can get this season’s with 50% off on the High St?

All in all, as Buffett said a while ago, when the tide goes down, you can see who’s been swimming naked. And it seems they have been.

The head-less chickens are running around throwing offers, discounts and gift certificates to anybody willing to spare a pound. To make things better, they have cancelled the crisis team and kept to the usual chain of information.

Gordon Brown and Co have been tiring us all with their ‘exceptional times require exceptional measures’ (extremis malis extrema remedia) but it seems that some of those job loses are well deserved. I just feel sorry for those Lehman Bros’ secretaries, cleaners who lost their jobs because the money-machines and thinking heads didn’t have any knowledge, common sense, or both.

I will let you know whether this company survives it’s own GM disease.



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