On paying HSBC back for their annoying phone practices

7 times has HSBC called me so far this month (the usual suspect, 08007838422).

Tired of receiving their pointless phonecalls I decided to talk to them last time. 

Last Thursday I picked up and the fellow on the phone asked me if I were calvin and if he could ask me some security questions. My answer? I told him that no, that he couldn’t because I did not know whether he really was from HSBC.

I guess they already have a protocol for answers like mine, and we replied that he could give me his phone number and I could call him back.

Of course I said that I was not interested in spending my time and money calling HSBC to find out what they wanted to tell me!! (provided they really were HSBC).

I hung up.

Haven’t heard of them since last Thursday.

Try the strategy.



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