On politicians and voters not being on the same page, ‘Ireland does EU, the sequel’

It is just un-be-lie-va-ble. They will not accept a NO as an answer. Now I know how ladies feel when dealing with pushy guys.

I thought that the Irish were quite clear when saying No to the Lisbon Treaty. But as democracy in Palestine, voters decisions are as good as the ultimate intentions of the poll organiser.

They (politicians) don’t care what we think, say, or feel. It is also true that most of the time we (populace) only think, say or feel just a bunch of bull.

So it seems that the Irish do-gooders are taking advantage of the current financial turmoil to ask again fellow Irishmen and women if they want to ratify the treaty, perhaps before reminding them of past famines and penury.

Just a quick note to those who care, those convince against their will are of the same opinion still.



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