On following up news that the media buried in oblivion: Wells Fargo takes Wachovia over

Hobbes, for years the media has been grinding my gears with their sensationalism (including so-called serious press). They drop a bomb, follow it up for a week or so, and move on to greener pastures.

It seems that society has a massive case of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Or perhaps is just that media are just interested in selling advertising more than informing to the public, but that can’t be, can it?

The fact is that I always wondered what happened the Ukrainian ship loaded with tanks seized by Somali pirates and all the boys and girls that went missing and their names are not Madeleine McCain that got buried down that corner of the paper nobody notices.

So it gave me a strange shiver down the spine when I learnt today (I guess FT, BBC are on their Christmas and Christmas eve break, since they don’t even report it) that troubled Wachovia’s shareholders agreed a couple of days ago to be taken over by Wells Fargo.

And so? Well, at the time, I found it most interesting that Citibank sued Wells Fargo because of comments reminiscent of a toddler’s argument under a Christmas tree. “It’s mine” says the younger one. “Not, it’s mine, mum told me”, says the older one. Until mum comes and tells the older kid to let go, or else.

Well, a happy ending to an interesting beginning…

Merry Christmas,



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