On Barclays customer services trying to mend bridges? There are no bridges to be mended, just apologise and refund your fees

A few weeks ago I wrote what was then the latest of my bank problems (On Barclays profiteering…)

That very day, I tried to send them my complaint using their disastrous online form. For some reason I couldn’t work out (probably the length of my letter?) I couldn’t send it, so I just wrote that, that I had a complaint but couldn’t send it.

Lucky enough, I received an acknowledgement reply from them (customer.relations@barclays.co.uk) and I sent them my too-long-for-your-complaint-form complaint.

Right after Christmas, I received a letter from one of their Customer Relations Assistant (we’ll use his acronym C.C.). Dated on 24 December 2008 it reads:

We are sorry you have had to contact us about the level of service you have received from Barclays. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to do so.

Your complaint has been forwarded to the relevant department who are looking into your concerns and will let you have an answer or update as quickly as possible, but no later than 10 January 2009. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss this matter further please call us on 0845 609 0806. If calling from overseas, please call 0044 113 389 8065.

I have enclosed a leaflet explaining how Barclays works to resolve complaints […]

Last Friday (January 2) and this morning I received phone calls from the M. to call back to discuss the matter on 0845 300 4149.

I don’t have anything to discuss with them, as per my post, anybody can see that I am right, they are wrong. So I have nothing to discuss, like any other bank, Barclays lies and steals from customers when they can (to the power of 2, 3, 4 or who knows how far does the late payment fee chain goes every time).

Plus, I would pick up and talk to them if they had the manners to ring from other phones than “Unknown Number” ones (calling them back? No way, I’d rather spending my time online letting the world know about their methods than calling back.)

And the finishing touch? January 2, £64.08 commission charges plus £2.47 in interest. Charges and interest as per contract? I don’t doubt it, so I will not complain. Fair? Don’t think so but those are the rules of the game, the ones we signed to when we opened the account. We know how to honour our word. At least we do.


PS. I got lucky and got a refund, read the story [06/01/2009]


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  1. If you think you are having problems with Barclays – check out my blog – screwedbybarclays.wordpress.com – they currently owe me in excess of 16 grand and are flying in the face of human decency not to mention the law….

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