On a traffic warden really pushing it in London, check the photo

This species hides behind the corner waiting for you to relax, and they dive right to your neck. Perhaps you didn’t even notice it, but he took a picture on his digital camera and while you drove off after with grandma, he was filling in your details in the PCN, Parking Charge Notice (British euphemism for parking ticket).

I have had my share of arguments with this people (nothing wrong with them, everything wrong with the incentive scheme used by their employers). From telling one off for dropping every single paper to the floor after peeling off the stickers, to arguing with one who’s taking the number plate while I get off on a single yellow line to puzzlement after asking another one on a bank holiday if I could park on a yellow line on Sloane St, the answer: “yes and no”. I’ve seen them all.

So I could not feel but sympathy for the owner of the car below, off Edgware Rd. Don’t know what the heck happened, but it looks like the car had an accident right there and was pushed aside. Massive mistake, unloading bay, red line. Windscreen smashed aside, have a close look to the right wiper. Discuss.




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