On enhancing the way you think, use spare brain time around you

Hobbes, I was reading What’s Next post Thinking about thinking and then I realised I had been using a new “collaborative thinking process”.

I have been playing with something I read a while back and seems to work (at least for me and those around me being used by my wicked mind). I read this article on surviving catastrophes, and those who did, had, in effect, either a thought through escape plan or they were lucky enough to have just read the exit instructions (something I automatically do now as soon as I seat on a plain or a restaurant).

Apparently, some “buffer memory” works as a spring to conclusions and solutions, so I just make myself aware of something and leave it to roast knowing that the fishnet has been thrown out to the waters and my awareness of the matter, drastically enhanced.

I matched that interesting fact to my girlfriend’s unexpected skill of being able to recognise every single Audi A4 Avant on the road since we bought one, but she’s still unable to tell between a Skoda and an E-class. If you drive with her, it’s like every car in the world is an A4 Avant.

I only apply it to vague ideas that need extra research before they become anything more serious, but being a little selfish, I extend my thinking tentacles to my nearest environment, sowing the seeds into my friends and family minds, so if they come across anything related with the particular topic, it will trigger their attention, think of it, and tell me. I call them my UHG (Unconscious Human Google).

Manipulator or human enhancer? I say 10 brains at 10% capacity think better than one at 100%. Distributed computing applied to human brainpower. No much success so far, so perhaps I need new friends, but the out-of-the-blue commentary on something they’ve seen, read or listen to that made them get back to me is at least, inspiring.



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