On how not to run a bank, don’t trust HSBC online banking to work every day

Hobbes, I think I have already mention it before, but it beggars believe the sub-standard online service that HSBC offers.

I cannot handle banking staff at any branch of any bank (someone told once that Barclays trains their staff not to make decisions, not to think, I cannot say it is true, but surely is very close). Yesterday I spent 1h getting £10,000 from my Lloyds account to my HSBC account.

I had to go to a Lloyds branch, but the more they could give me was £5,000. I paid in the amount in a HSBC branch, where after over 10 minutes queuing, the icing was the clerk at the window telling 7 times (another customer and me counted them) to a customer who obviously didn’t understand English and wanted to pay in £700. “You need to write the amount” (on the pay in slip).

At the 8th time, he kind of saw the light and wrote it himself.

Anyway, I paid the money in and went on another excursions, to a different Lloyds branch where they could give me the other £5,000. Found it, queued, got the money, and back to another HSBC branch. This time, one of those new ones with all the ATMs to get cash, check balances, pay in cheques and pay in cash. Queue again. They pay a guy just to stand in the middle and tell people if they want to use the ATMs. Very few do, unless they want to get money, in which case they already do it without advise.

I queued. Yes I did. He even told me that I could pay the money in using one of the machines, “it was the same” he said “and you saved the queue”. But I told him that he was not right, it was not the same, as I had used it in the past, and cash paid in using the machines doesn’t appear in your account until the day after (if lucky) and cash paid in at the window, appeared the same day. “That’s true” he said.

Where am I going with all this? Well, they push us out to the branches through incompetence and when they tell you to use the “new technologies” you cannot trust them either.

The reason I write this post today, is no other than the fact that I have been trying to get into HSBC’s online banking all since 8h30 this morning and it doesn’t even open. I tried two different computers, two different OS, Windows XP and Ubuntu, 4 different internet browsers Firefox and Opera for Ubuntu, Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer for Windows XP and nothing. Niente. Nada.

Not even a note saying that their server is down or anything like that.

Appalling. What hope do we have left?



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