On staying away from news, good or bad. A detox therapy for the brain

I have been saying for a while that terrorist groups (or freedom Fighters, depending what side you take) would take advantage of brainless governments and hit them now, when it really hurts. ETA in Spain and now IRA (real IRA, friends of IRA, an IRA Facebook ring) in Northern Ireland have tried their chance, and won. The credit crunch is exactly the ally they needed.

Last Friday, February 27, I decided to start a crash detox period and stopped reading, listening or viewing any news. Too bad I chose Edinburgh for a short break. Don’t get me wrong, despite bad weather, Edinburgh looked cleaner, quieter, kinder and cheaper than all London. Just a pity that the omnipresent RBX, HBOS. Standard Life, Scottish Widows and the like stared at me as zombies looking for my brain for lunch… what a beautiful city, and people. I don’t know if it will survive as we knew it.

The media (plural of medium, I learnt the other day, hence plural) are driving me crazy. Well, not them, I couldn’t deal with the news sold as bad, and the gloomy predictions, from researchs and analysts who couldn’t see it coming.

Tomorrow it will be the end of my second week news-less, and it is getting easier, but living in front of a computer and checking the news is getting a bigger and bigger temptation. Wish me well.



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