On observations on the weirdness of human behaviour: the limping lady

I was driving yesterday down the local high street and I saw a limping lady towing a shopping trolley. I focused my attention on the reason behind her limp instead of the road, and realised that she was wearing a fibreglass short leg cast on her right foot… and a high heel shoe on her right one.

That kept my mind busy for a while. Why would anyone voluntarily put him/herself in that awkward situation? Surely a flat shoe would have been a better choice. Just try it on, and feel it wrong. Her family could have said something, couldn’t they? I am fine with her not having common sense, but not having friends or neighbours to tell her better? I guess that we all have become a society of emperors with new clothes, and out of “respect” (if any, what a misused word this days) we let others go making a fool of themselves.

My excuse? I was driving, man!

We are a strange bunch.



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