On a life with no news, day 21

Hobbes, it is day 21 of my newsless life. It is proving a big mission and, personally, I don’t think I am going to make it. I have been thinking, and the 4-5h per day I don’t know what to do with, might have better use reading the papers. After all, I might be an homo novus.

Only a few pieces have percolated to my little paradise, something about someone who had a family with her own daughter (apparently it’s been on for months now, so I guess I wasn’t interested then, or now), some shoot out in a German school, inflation drums coming from the States and Jade’s cancer show. The rest seem pre-cooked infantile opinions that people take as their own. Was I just doing the same thing? Just throw up what I read without further analysis or personal judgement?

Nonetheless, I think I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What might have been driving me nuts was not the news itself, but the permanent change of opinion of pundits and editorials. I might just go back to my information world, but just focusing on factual information.

Just a thought.



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