On 2009+.10 Trends: Predictions & Provocations by Richard Watson

I am a keen reader of Richard Watson’s blog, What’s Next: Top Trends, and having just finished reading his 2009+.10 Trends: Predictions & Provocations, I advise you to spare 20min and read it (http://nowandnext.com/PDF/2009_complete.pdf), it will help you stabilise a bit in the turbulent times we are living.

I share many of Richard’s predictions, some others are almost or totally Greek to me. I guess I am nothing else than a frustrated futurist, I deeply admire those who, like Mr Watson, can make a living out of it. I wish I had the time to recognise and follow up trends and patterns I notice. But I am condemned to go out hunting every day, and drag the food back in the cave. Or am I?



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