On how not to run a bank, don’t trust Barclays online banking to work every day

There was a time when if your competition made a fool of themselves, you would storm in and get their customers. Market mistakes translated into a drop in market share.

But that was in the old days, my friend. We have reached such a level of mediocrity, that not only businesses don’t learn from their own mistakes, but neither take advantage to learn from their competitors’.

Paraphrasing Peter Griffin, what grinds my gears today is not other than Barclays online banking. Expecting some cheques to be charged today, I have been trying to unsuccessfully log on since this morning at 8am. With the usual routine (HSBC), I’ve tried with all computers, operative systems and internet browsers at home and I couldn’t log in. I gave up and went for a short run to check on the newly born lambs that pepper our backyard.I just came back and tried to log in again, still impossible but at least they had the grace to let users know to give up:

Welcome to Barclays Online Banking

We are currently experiencing computer mainframe problems which are impacting customers trying to log-on to the Online Banking service. We are working to resolve this issue and hope to resume our service shortly. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

I am glad to see that they are “working to resolve this issue”. I am happy to hear that they “apologise for the inconvenience caused”, but last time a cheque bounced back from my account even though I was told it wouldn’t and paid money in the same day (On Barclays profiteering from honest customers using their 24/7 rule and the ‘returned payment’ chain), they were not so understanding.

How can a bank get away with this? It seems the norm, so I guess that we deserve this kind of service. I deserve it.

What’s with their IT department (in that includes other high street banks)? What do they do for a living? Play Bomber Jack? Who’s going to be responsible of late payment fees over the board? And payments made late or not done at all due to “computer mainframe problems”?

We are just a sad herd of sheep.



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