On my BlackBerry 9000 Bold diary of crashes and misdemeanors

Hobbes, you must know by now that my crackberry addiction (1, 2 and 3) keeps me off Nokias, Samsungs, SonyEricssons and Motorolas (well, in this case is just Motorola who keeps me away from Motorola), but since I am a bit mad at RIM trying to play cat and mouse with the wrong crowd (BB Storm for the iPhone-lovers and the Pearl 8220 for the SonyEricsson lovers of the world). You already have a niche product! Don’t lose focus just to increase turnover!

Anyway, since RIM doesn’t want to come up with updates to fix the Bold… I will just tell you what my potty Bold tells me…

I think I was wrong. Battery life after update has dropped substancially to about 12h stand-by time  (aprox 1h30 on calls.) As I said yesterday, the Bold came up from the update with full-on 3G signal. As I commented in the past, using the 3G+2G signal option will drain your battery completely before you can say “Perhaps an iPho…”

I changed it over to “2G only” and regardless of that the full battery didn’t last 12h.

I am trying with a spare battery I’ve got. Just in case.

I received yesterday an email informing me that a software update for the Bold was available. I downloaded it (it only works with Internet Explorer…), backed up everything on the phone (we’ve been down that road before, losing all the info) and went for the 30min-long update.

It might just be me, but my Bold seems… I don’t know, happier? Full-on 3G signal (never seen at home before), perceived longer battery life and speed.

As always, I have no idea why it happens, but since I had to deal with it at least 9 times in the last three months, I’ll tell you anyway. The battery runs out specially fast, but the worse is when I go to bed. I lay down, switch the Bold off and, when I wake up and try to turn it on… nothing happens. For some reason the battery is completely worn off to 0%. I have to recharge it completely and even then it takes about 5 minutes to respond. With the battery completely drained, when the Bold gets back to life, even the time on the mobile was reset to 0:00 (and that goes without saying that, if you are in a hurry… you are screwed because it will take you about an hour to fully charge it).

Since it seems I cannot surprise you any more, I thought of bringing this one up when you tried to browse the internet: “Input System Error. The System is being restarted”. You will have noticed that nothing was being restarted for a few minutes and only when you took the SIM card out and put it back in I started working (although the specially long time it took me to restart freaked you out again, didn’t it?).

I know it has been a while, so before you get used to it, I will bring up my old friends infamous sand clock and slow motion to the party until you, again, take the SIM out and put it back on.

How expected! Almost 50 days without a problem on my 4th Bold and I made the mistake of updating the 3G SIM card on the network (as repeatedly told I should do at least once a month by Vodafone staff) on the Bold. All well, but when I put the phone’s SIM back on…

Uncaught exception
Uncaught exception
Uncaught exception: Application net_rim_bb_messaging_app(88) is not responding; process terminated
Uncaught exception
Uncaught exception
Uncaught exception

Half of the menu was gone on the screen, included the message application (the 8900 Curve I tried came from factory just like that). I restarted the thing and found out that didn’t help either, so the usual dance, SIM out, SIM in again, fingers crossed, wait, and everything back to normal.

From what I can see, even 6 months after releasing the Bold, RIM hasn’t made it 100% reliable yet.

I am failing to resurrect the old Bold, but I have discovered that you can update (in theory, the new one comes with the latest software and haven’t been able to try it) your 9000 Bold by going to Options > Advanced Options > Wireless Upgrade (bottom of the menu)

Went to a Vodafone store. We tried everything,  new SIM card, old SIM card, different SIM card… “Insert SIM card” is all that it said. We tried the new SIM on a different phone and it did work.

To make matters more bizarre, the Vodafone-locked BB Bold would only pick up signal from O2, but obviously wouldn’t allow to call.

So here we are again. According to the staff at the shop, that was a software issue, and the 3-month old 9000 Bold had to be sent to repairs. After checking my handset luck (four 8310 in under two months and this would be the third Bold in three months) they decided to give me a brand new 9000 Bold.

Lucky enough, I backed up everything before trying the 8900!

Three staff members told me about the first two batches of Bolds being faulty, and told me that this one should be alright now. If they are right, this might be my last note on this post.

I am failing to resurrect the old Bold, but I have discovered that you can update (in theory, the new one comes with the latest software and have not been able to do it) your 9000 Bold by going to Options > Advanced Options > Wireless Upgrade (bottom of the menu)

Well, that’s what I thought. When I restart the Bold with the SIM card in… it says “Insert SIM card”. Tomorrow I will go to a Vodafone Store to get a new SIM card.

And 2h after playing with the Curve 8900, I am back with the Bold.

I just got my hands  on the new Curve 8900. So I guess, if worth the change, this might be the end of this post… and perhaps the beginning of one for the new Curve?

– I long time friend, the sand clock, just came back. No use to try to do anything, just take the battery. You should be used to it by now.

– Writing an email and want to search for a contact to send it to? You don’t learn, do you? Cannot compute, cannot compute. Battery out, battery in. You are getting good at it, huh?

– What day is today? The day to decouple the messaging application from the contacts one! C’mon, battery out battery in! You are getting good at this!

– It has been a while since I really, really mess you over. I will start with the little clock slowing things down. Then I’ll move into the “thinking mode” while you try to unlock the screen, haha! What? that you want to hear your voice messages? Slowly slowly I will let you dial, and when you’ve got me on your ear…. “Uncaught exception: Application net_rim_bb_messaging_app(88) is not responding; process terminated”. But you haven’t noticed, have you? Of course not, you were listening! And now you cannot hang up, hahaha!

Battery out, battery in.

– I gave you something new to worry about. I started with the usual inability to use one application from another (searching for a contact when trying to forward an email). But you thought that switching the phone off and back on would work? Ha! It didn’t did it! Then you went and pulled the battery out, put it back and… surprise! I didn’t even start! I freaked you out, didn’t I? Battery out, SIM card out (not easy, huh? RIM did a really good job at making your life difficult! try with a pen, or even better, push the SIM card down hard with your thumb while sliding it out), everything back, and after a few minutes wait, I started working again.

– I know you haven’t notice until today, but I have deleted all your sent messages (emails and texts) older than 7 January. Yes, I know that you have the Messages/Options/General Options/Hide Sent Messages set as NO, but I don’t care.

– You thought yu had won? I turn again into sssllloooowww mode. Battery out and after 2min, I am back up and running. Happy New 2009!

– I know you enjoy browsing the internet… but for some reason I don’t like you to do that, so not only I am going to take forever to load the page, but if you try to make a phone call, I will freeze there as well and I won’t let you hang up… enjoy the conversation once it is finish. Damn it! You already got the battery out/in trick!

– I guess that as long as the guys at RIM don’t care about me freezing completely, you will have to keep doing what I have told you before. Battery and SIM card off, back in, and voila! I am back on planet earth.

– I know that this is starting to disturb you, so I will d…o i…t a…g…a…i…n, s…l…o…o…o…w…

– I feel really tired today (again)… anything you try to do, I show you my little sand clock… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 seconds and I perhaps respond (and I mean it).  I know this never happened before and now is becoming routine… what can I say, try taking the SIM card off and put it back on.

– I feel really tired today… anything you try to do, I show you my little sand clock… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 seconds and I perhaps respond (and I mean it). You know the deal… battery and go.

– What’s been now, about 6 weeks in your pocket? I thought it might be time for my keyboard to start playing tricks on you… how about the delete key stuck? did you like it? No? That’s what I meant anyway…
– Here we go again, you try to link to the contact list from a different application (this time, trying to send a text message) and I freeze. Only the by now usual battery out/battery in will satisfy my thirst for attention.

– Obviously I wasn’t clear enough when I told you that I would freeze if you tried to use the contacts on a different application. And again, you go today, and try to do a search of your messages trying to specify a sender in particular… I crashed and you had to reboot me. Told you so…

– Don’t you listen? I have told you already once today, don’t try to send messages unless you know the number, since I will not, may I repeat, will NOT link to the contact list and because I warned you before, I am gonna freeze… and after 5 minutes I tell you “Uncaught expection: Application net_rim_bb_messaging_app(88) is not responding; process terminated”. Reboot again with SIM card out/in.

– Don’t try to send messages unless you know the number, since I will not, may I repeat, will NOT link to the contact list unless you… reboot me.

– As I told you before, sometimes I just don’t want to bring up the contacts when you search them from the phone application. And don’t even try to take the SIM card out, since once you put it back in and I reload, I tell you “App Error 205” (whatever that means).

– While you are browsing the internet, I start loading the next page and decided to load, load, and load for 2 minutes without letting you move to a different application or cancel the browsing. Pull my battery.

– While I’m charging, I freeze if you touch me without unplugging me from the mains.

– I don’t want to bring up any contact name if you are on the call screen and you type a letter
– I don’t want to bring up any contact name if you are sending a text (and I freeze and you have to reboot me)

– I go into battery save mode, and when I wake up, I just freeze and you have to reboot me


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  1. The family is split – but I’m convinced
    I’ve just received mine (well, 24 hours ago) so don’t expect War and Peace.
    BUT…this thing is fabulous. I bought it as a business tool, and boy does it perform. So easy to use I didn’t need any instructions at all. Although I will read them to make sure I don’t miss
    Hey, you have a great blog here! I’m definitely going to bookmark you! Thank you for your info.

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