On HSBC fighting ferociously against online banking convenience

Hobbes, I guess by now you must know I try to keep my paws away from the planned incompetence and limitations of nowadays branch banking.

In a number of occasions I have denounced how by planned sheer incompetence banks are pushing us towards online and telephone banking while making online and telephone more and more difficult and inconvenient for us.

The most ridiculous in-branch lunacy I can find so far is the open air telephone banking booths at HSBC branches, no staff member can discuss your credit card issues, but you are addressed to use the phone in the middle of the branch, right by the queue, where every idle person in line will have no other thing to do, but listen to your credit matters while looking the other way. So much for privacy. So much for customer care.

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On how not to run a bank, don’t trust HSBC online banking to work every day

Hobbes, I think I have already mention it before, but it beggars believe the sub-standard online service that HSBC offers.

I cannot handle banking staff at any branch of any bank (someone told once that Barclays trains their staff not to make decisions, not to think, I cannot say it is true, but surely is very close). Yesterday I spent 1h getting £10,000 from my Lloyds account to my HSBC account.

I had to go to a Lloyds branch, but the more they could give me was £5,000. I paid in the amount in a HSBC branch, where after over 10 minutes queuing, the icing was the clerk at the window telling 7 times (another customer and me counted them) to a customer who obviously didn’t understand English and wanted to pay in £700. “You need to write the amount” (on the pay in slip). Continue reading

On paying HSBC back for their annoying phone practices

7 times has HSBC called me so far this month (the usual suspect, 08007838422).

Tired of receiving their pointless phonecalls I decided to talk to them last time. 

Last Thursday I picked up and the fellow on the phone asked me if I were calvin and if he could ask me some security questions. My answer? I told him that no, that he couldn’t because I did not know whether he really was from HSBC. Continue reading

On annoying banking practices, HSBC pointless phone calls (II)


And here they are go again, 4 phonecalls from HSBC’s 08007838422 this week.What do they want? No clue. Bad banking. Baaaad banking.


On annoying banking practices, HSBC pointless phone calls


In the last 3 days I have received 4 calls to my mobile from the number 08007838422. Vodafone charges me every time I call back, but when I do an answer machine tells me the following:

You were called by HSBC bank. No further action is required from yourself and there is no need to return the call.

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On HSBC fighting card fraud with the wrong tools (III)

Hobbes, I just received a reply letter from HSBC in regards of my complaint. They keep saying that declining to accept my online purchases was the right thing to do because

They received confidential information that [my] Credit Card could be compromised for fraudulent purposes.

And they failed to notify me until I try to use my card online. Well, not then, they just declined the transaction, and I quote, “purely in the interest of fraud prevention” and called me the morning after.

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On HSBC fighting card fraud with the wrong tools (II)

Following up on yesterday’s post I found this Dilbert comic by Scott Adams that I think summarises my point. Doesn’t it?