On what not to do with your customers: Post Office and sales pushing

Hobbes, I just came back from the post office. Like an American supermarket, an English Post Office is a cathedral to human nature, although in this case, a cathedral to lack of custumer service and savvie.

Have you notice they sell travel insurance, phone cards, credit cards and many other things? Well, they do. Nothing wrong with it, other than the fact that you should have seen the face of the lady who just wanted to send a letter 2nd class, special delivery… that’s what she wanted, but due to some bizzarre twist of fate, she ended up being pushed to hear everything he had and wanted to offer her. Continue reading


On Post Office preparing itself for the 20th century, and they wonder why they haemorrhage business

Hobbes, I am glad I have some time tonight, it has been a while since I wanted to write a post about one of the signs that no matter how hard Mr Brown-and-eye work, UK will suffer in the years to come.

The issue that will kill old Europe and might give some hope to the USA (as long as they stop counting burger-flippers as service workers and the doubling of computing power as doubling production) is not other than the matter of productivity. A simple 12-letter word that in places like Spain would take 3 people to put together, 2 to manage and 2 to supervise the job, plus 6 pensioners to enjoy the view and give directions (pay them all and you get rid of the 2,598,800 unemployed). Continue reading