On Jim Rogers, Britain’s demise and parenthood in the 21st century

Jim “Commodities supercicle/bull in China” Rogers has done it again.

Last week, he told a gloom story for any gloom-seeker journalist who wanted a headline story.

Summarising, UK Plc has nothing to sell. It’s main exports (namely financial services and North Sea oil) are gone or near-gone, so according to him, it is time to move out of the already battered pound.

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It’s Good to Know: Financial Times interview with Jim Rogers

Browsing, browsing, browsing I have found on FT.com a very interesting interview to Jim Rogers, George Soros’ Quantum Fund founder.

Comodities, water recycling in China, hyperinflation on the making, the dawn of the dollar… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, I am pretty sure that the 20′ are worth your while:

From South Korea…


On how China tries to curb increasing inflation with a dose of painful realism

We have been told that China Co. has been exporting deflation in consumer goods for years. However, as resources got scarcer and more and more expensive in dollar terms, inflation –the devil of the year- started kicking in and reaching unsustainable levels.

At the same time, countries with oil cap prices were killing their smaller and making survival extremely difficult to their major players.

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On mutant birds and decisions on other people’s health

A while ago I discussed the marvels of the first interesting games for a while. By now we should all know that Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin didn’t exactly have at heart what the Olympic Charter states as the International Olympic Committee mission(s).

You can check in wikipedia, a beautiful long list of mission statements, what high goals for humankind! A small cup of ‘encouragement’, and a teaspoon of ‘cooperation’, but all in all, the most preposterous missions are the ones not related to sports itself: Continue reading

On Olympic mascots and misled youth

Finally! Interesting Olympic Games on sight!

I barely remember Sam the Eagle (Los Angeles, 1984), but interestingly Misha the bear (the Soviet mascot in the 1980 games) for some random reason stuck in my mind until today.

Chinese population is about 22 per cent of the total, so I guess that 1.295m Chinese couldn’t have enough with just one mascot. Since we are a few months away from the games, I think that it would be nice to introduce you to this year’s games five mascots: Continue reading