On following up news that the media buried in oblivion: Wells Fargo takes Wachovia over

Hobbes, for years the media has been grinding my gears with their sensationalism (including so-called serious press). They drop a bomb, follow it up for a week or so, and move on to greener pastures.

It seems that society has a massive case of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Or perhaps is just that media are just interested in selling advertising more than informing to the public, but that can’t be, can it?

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On learning something once and for all, bankers wouldn’t make it as bricklayers, Madoff’s $50bn lesson to the mortals of the world

Hobbes, in June last year we bumped into one of my girlfriend’s friend and her husband.

Me, an amateur entrepreneur (if that is possible) trying to make ends meet.
Him, a successful London-NYC currency trader friends with movie stars, up and coming successful Spanish tennis players, and hooked on luxury hotels, cars and vacations.

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On things they make us think that are for everybody but they are not: Home owenership

Hobbes, I believe there is a misconception in Western societies. I guess that is my generation’s (early 30s, and working on a nice curvy stomach) fault.

We grew up on an ever growing GDP world. We grew to believe as rights thinks that older generations couldn’t even think of having one day. Over the years, I have had several discussions with my mother in regards of home ownership. Continue reading

It’s Good to Know: Financial Times interview with Jim Rogers

Browsing, browsing, browsing I have found on FT.com a very interesting interview to Jim Rogers, George Soros’ Quantum Fund founder.

Comodities, water recycling in China, hyperinflation on the making, the dawn of the dollar… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, I am pretty sure that the 20′ are worth your while:

From South Korea…


On multiracial being the new white, advising Obama

Waaaaw! Hobbes, this has been one looong election. About 2 years we’ve had of Romneys, Pauls, Clintons (who’s scariest anyway, Palin or Hillary?), McCains and Obamas. And finally, the marketing and media machine has convinced us all that Barack Hussein was the better option.

All together it reminds me of the spanking new ’09 car model on show from September 08.

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On Barack Obama, the (possibly) President Superstar

And here we go, Obamarama is getting it right. If Bloomberg bought out every single poster in NYC, and Berlusconi owns the media, Barack Obama owns the people.

Why don’t they just get over this expensive farse and give him the key to the oval office? And by the way… 8 years gone by since Bud’s Wassup! ad? Man! I am getting old.


On Barclays scavenging Lehman’s corpse and tasty entrails

Hobbes, Bob Diamond did it again. Buy on dips, sell on rallies, they recommend you, and it seems that we are enjoying the mother of all deeps. AIG, Lehman Bros, HBOS, you name it, the castle of cards is being blown away by the winds of change. Well maybe the lack of spare change.

Why get the sinking ship if she can be bought empty of wet furniture and expensive staff? For a reported $1.75bn, Bob’s Barclays has pocketed Lehman’s North American investment banking and trading unit, its New York headquarters and two data centres. And still aiming at other profitable Lehman’s pick’n’mix assets. Continue reading