On Pret-a-Manger running out of fresh ideas. Are private equity firm Bridgepoint and Goldman Sachs squeezing the customer?

Hobbes, they say that the first step is always to recognise the problem. OK Hobbes, I agree, I have an addiction. Well, more than one, but this one is cheese-related.

I am a keen Pret a Manger victim, and the guilty sin is their Posh Cheddar & Pickle Artisan Baguette. I have gone through many tantrums with the company. Over time the baguette has turned into a petit baguette, the price has ridden the oil, milk and wheat price increases but stayed there since the summer (£2.99) regardless of falling commodity prices. Continue reading


On food hoarding in the USA, or living in the land of the fearful

If the subprime debacle, the war on terror, record petrol (gas) and energy prices and the rise of Toyota were not enough for the poor American masses, it seems that now hoarding on rice is the fear of the day.

C’mon people! Grow up! I cannot believe that supposedly intelligent people can be so gullible. They can eat burgers, pasta, tacos, Mars bars or whatever they like, but hey! Remember that little white grain? No? Me neither, but I have seen in the news that it is a ‘scarce commodity’.

Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart’s cash-and-carry division has limited the maximum bags of jasmine, basmati and long grain white rice a customer can get to four per visit. Continue reading