On multiracial being the new white, advising Obama

Waaaaw! Hobbes, this has been one looong election. About 2 years we’ve had of Romneys, Pauls, Clintons (who’s scariest anyway, Palin or Hillary?), McCains and Obamas. And finally, the marketing and media machine has convinced us all that Barack Hussein was the better option.

All together it reminds me of the spanking new ’09 car model on show from September 08.

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On Barack Obama, the (possibly) President Superstar

And here we go, Obamarama is getting it right. If Bloomberg bought out every single poster in NYC, and Berlusconi owns the media, Barack Obama owns the people.

Why don’t they just get over this expensive farse and give him the key to the oval office? And by the way… 8 years gone by since Bud’s Wassup! ad? Man! I am getting old.


On power and sex, who’s going to be next?

Hobbes, we don’t have to go back much. We don’t even have to think of a different organism these days!

Sex, money, power, politics… in the end same dog, different collar.  It is not that I hang out with politicians, sheiks, wealthy businessmen and rich City bankers, but the few I have been in touch with, show a pattern of sex, sex and sex. I guess it comes with the package. Continue reading

On governments mimicking Buffett, funding pension shortcomings with part-nationalisations

Long life to capitalism! So first Warren Buffett and now Wells and Fargo gets the upper hand.
That’s a bit of hope for those who still believe in human nature, not shooting in the dark with no ideas or control.

Amongst all this turmoil, I  don’t get yet why in free markets like UK or US they don’t do a Moscow (suspending temporarily trading). I know that a few weeks ago I supported the opposite view, but human nature and the trumpeted “wisdom of crowds” (or lack of any wisdom at all) requires of exceptional measures like those applied to that lady passenger on 1980’s Airplane! Continue reading