On the end of nationalism and the raise of value sharing communities

The love it or leave it of nationalists, doesn’t make much sense in a world of ideas, instead of flags. Why would anybody choose to die for a flag? Beyond my knowledge. I don’t think a German United Kingdom would be much different today.

Before you hit at me with the holocaust that followed, let me remind you that the angry and mad ideas of Hitler’s Nazi Germany were nurtured by impossible war reparation demands from the Allied victors (worth almost 37,000 tons of gold, around one-third of the world’s entire above-ground supplies at the time). The huge demands led to the money printing presses working overtime, and from there, a short step away from hyperinflation and social unrest. Culture medium for opportunistic megalomaniacs.

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Vatican lists seven new Social Sins

HolySee Pope Benedict XVI is having fun. Again. We would also have lots of fun were it not be for the lack of intrinsic funniness of his persona. Benny, leave it aside and keep your daytime job, stand-up comedy is not exactly your thing. Plus, the content of your shows is old and out of place (and time).

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