On enemies, assassins, terrorists and the manipulation of minds and words

Hobbes, see, I am a bit angry today. I just realised that Spanish flags fly at half mast in official buildings in London. And I am not upset and incensed because of meaningless drapes dancing to the winter winds, but because of what I don’t get.

Following on my Spanish series, and as the story goes, two Spanish soldiers doing army stuff in Afghanistan were killed by a suicide bomber while harming four more. Continue reading


On recession beating terrorism as public spectacle

A short while ago, the Empire State (USA, not the building) and its lap dog (namely UK) wanted us to believe that bin Laden and his bearded friends, the axle of evil and Britney Spears wanted to tear down western civilization.

And what is it, early May 2008? It seems that only the latter has succeeded and the popular attention has shifted overnight (taking the last night as last August) unto money matters. ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ was a phrase widely used during Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign against George Bush Sr.

If Economy were a person, I would ashamedly tell her, ‘It’s the stupids, Economy’. And as the saying goes, ‘people is the plural of stupid’, so she would get the picture. Continue reading