On Madoff’s list of conned and now, publicly shamed

I am sad. I am not in it. I can’t even afford to own property (or rent) and the addresses included on the list. I am poor.

I am still amazed at the fact that the milion and billionaire investors who has been published. With what seems personal addresses.

I don’t get it… If losing all you investmented with Mr Madeoff, they even put up up on the web for public shame. Address included. Continue reading


On Barclays profiteering from honest customers using their 24/7 rule and the ‘returned payment’ chain

Hobbes, seriously, the banking system in the UK get away with so much that once they put themselves in the spotlight as brainless individuals of dubious IQ as they have, we should move to regulators (SEC? FSA? even worse hollow heads than the bankers themselves), and then get rid of this politicians who, against public opinion, should be paid 10 times more than they are and made accountable (and fired if needed) as any executive of a listed company.

Anyway, what made me mad today was Barclays profiteering. Again.

Let me tell you a little story. We’ve got a small business and we try to manage our minimal finances as independently and debt free as possible. A mistake of the past was getting a loan for 50% of the cost of a van that we needed at the time but not now.

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The fifth LwH Prize goes to… Bernard L. Madoff

Hobbes, I must confess that Mr Madoff’s shenanigans have also caught me off guard. Not that I knew of the man, but it is true that not only he was able to hide such a massive black hole, but hide it from the financial world’s top brass.

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On learning something once and for all, bankers wouldn’t make it as bricklayers, Madoff’s $50bn lesson to the mortals of the world

Hobbes, in June last year we bumped into one of my girlfriend’s friend and her husband.

Me, an amateur entrepreneur (if that is possible) trying to make ends meet.
Him, a successful London-NYC currency trader friends with movie stars, up and coming successful Spanish tennis players, and hooked on luxury hotels, cars and vacations.

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