On why I think Twitter, Facebook and other so called social sites are not for me

Am I opposed to Twitter? I love things that new technology does, the other night in Top Gear (of all places!) I discovered an iPhone app called Grindr where logged-on gay people can track where other logged-on guys are (and how close, thanks to master Twit Stephen Fry). But I have chosen not to be involved in Facebook and specially Twitter because I can’t fit it in in my life.

A couple of weeks ago I dislocated the right clavicle from the sternum (don’t ask) and ended up two weeks at home with the arm on a sling. It was a good time to take some unexpected time off and I decided to streamline my life.

Due to privacy issues, I was never a fan of social sites (probably that’s why I write this blog under a pseudonym). I’ve decided that one of the principles I am going to be running my life is that if I am going to add something, I have to decide what I am going to stop doing. So if I am going to add the time required to sending and receiving Twitter then I have to decide what I am going to stop doing. I have not been able to identify anything that I consider less important than Twitter, so it just simply didn’t make the cut.

Now, if you use Twitter and use it effectively [Pingol, do you?] fantastic. But there are a lot of things that I categorise like that where I decided not to do those simply because I don’t want to add something more to my plate and I can’t find something that I reasonably want to unplug.



On Ryanair’s hell on near earth, mobiles on board

Oh dear! The end is near. Last April I wrote a post on the European Comission clearing the way for mobile phone calls on air (On flying misery, and the death of the last mobile-free remnant). Well, serious airlines like Air France-KLM, TAP and BMI have been running trials on the idea, but the FT reports today that the flying coaches of Ryanair are going to be the first fleet to be fully equipped with it (Ryanair opens skies to mobile phones).

 The other day, on the 148 to Victoria, an African man was shouting so loudly on the phone, that it was a poem to see the other passengers’ eyes opening and closing with his words… even the driver had to use the speakers to tell him to be quieter, but of course he couldn’t hear him. Continue reading

On Madoff’s list of conned and now, publicly shamed

I am sad. I am not in it. I can’t even afford to own property (or rent) and the addresses included on the list. I am poor.

I am still amazed at the fact that the milion and billionaire investors who has been published. With what seems personal addresses.

I don’t get it… If losing all you investmented with Mr Madeoff, they even put up up on the web for public shame. Address included. Continue reading

On commodities, false tax savings, and raising crime in the British countryside

Friday morning (30Jan09), a PC from the Thames Valley Police station came to take a second statement on the attempted robbery of our humble 15-year-old  Honda. Apparently they caught some Mr Lee and they have a fingerprint match.

Funny enough, the PC didn’t know that the car was stolen again (this time for good) on 31st August. The fact that the car had the same license number and I was informed by the police when they found it 3 days after, beggars believe.

Continue reading

On power and sex, who’s going to be next?

Hobbes, we don’t have to go back much. We don’t even have to think of a different organism these days!

Sex, money, power, politics… in the end same dog, different collar.  It is not that I hang out with politicians, sheiks, wealthy businessmen and rich City bankers, but the few I have been in touch with, show a pattern of sex, sex and sex. I guess it comes with the package. Continue reading

On smart timing, Ireland says No to the Lisbon treaty and Berlusconi uses the turmoil to score a goal to every decent Italian

It is a sad day Hobbes.

The EU seems to be in turmoil because the Irish just rejected the Lisbon Treaty or the EU Constitution with a different name. Well, I guess that was one of the two plausible results, so I don’t yet get why words as strong words crop up, since from the very beginning there was a 50/50 chance of Ireland turning its back against the treaty.

However, I commented last Tuesday about Berlusconi, the new Italian Prime Minister, trying to outlaw wire-tapping. I pointed out that the law he was trying to pass had retrospective effect, so he is personally much, much better from today. Continue reading

On Berlusconi illegalising phone bugging for personal benefit

Oh dear, no sooner Mr Berlusconi took over the Italian government, when he started using the country as his own personal playground. Who the hell came out with il Cavalieri as his nickname? Il Corrotto would have been better.

It reads like a “Dictatorship for Dummies” book. First of all, secure the elections by supporting an imaginary rescue of the ill-managed and debt-ridden Alitalia.

To tip the balance on your side, deal with immigration as an Apartheid theorist and criminalise those who come in search of a better life. Continue reading